Net Worth Update Q3 2018: $188,445.95 (+$21,159)

It’s the end of another quarter, which means it’s time for another net worth check-in! As a reminder, Mr. Steward and I have wholly joint finances, so this is everything for our family of four.

Savings (Emergency Fund) 15,741.18
Checking 4,386.67
Mr. Steward Pre-Tax 56,184.77
Mr. Steward Roth IRA 3,406.32
Ms. Steward Pre-Tax 22,107.96
Ms. Steward Roth IRA 4,953.40
Ms. Steward HSA 1,309.45
Ms. Steward Fun Fund 390.56
House 155,166.00
Van 12,049.00
Car 4,258.00
Credit Cards (Paid Off Before Interest) 1,008.36
Mortgage 90,499.00
Assets 279,953.31
Liabilities 91,507.36
NET WORTH 188,445.95

We also have two 529s for our daughters, currently at $4,797.01 and $1,714.08.

The Big Changes

House Value

Our house value keeps going up and up, this quarter around $10,000. The housing market in our area is white-hot right now. I don’t suspect it will stay valued so highly, but it’s fun to see for now!

Looking Forward

Health Savings Accounts (HSAs)

Our company recently announced that they will offer a high deductible health plan, enabling us to once again fund an HSA beginning next year. Since HSAs are currently the best retirement account around, we’ll likely reduce our 401k contributions (currently at 17%) to be able to maximize our HSA contributions once we’re able.

How was your quarter?

2 Replies to “Net Worth Update Q3 2018: $188,445.95 (+$21,159)”

    • Ms. Steward

      Zillow! Very imperfect but we know that and take it with a grain of salt. Part of the rise was backed up by our property tax appraisal this year, though.

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