Net Worth Update Q2 2018: $167,286 (+$7,556)

It’s the end of another quarter, which means it’s time for another net worth check-in! As a reminder, Mr. Steward and I have wholly joint finances, so this is everything for our family of four.

Savings (Emergency Fund) 15,679.00
Checking 5,479.00
Mr. Steward Pre-Tax 51,533.00
Mr. Steward Roth IRA 3,204.00
Ms. Steward Pre-Tax 20,527.00
Ms. Steward Roth IRA 4,625.00
Ms. Steward HSA 1,958.00
Ms. Steward Fun Fund 192.00
House 139,627.00
Van 12,235.00
Car 4,464.00
Credit Cards (Paid Before Interest) -974.00
Mortgage -91,263.00
Assets 259,523.00
Liabilities -92,237.00
NET WORTH 167,286.00

There are also two 529 accounts for our daughters, which stand at $5,833.

The Big Changes

The Markets Are Still Treating Us Well

The bulk of the change this month is coming from our new major contributions (17% of our income plus a 3% match) to our pre-tax retirement funds. That accounts for over half of our growth over the quarter. The rest, except for about $600 towards mortgage principal, comes from the markets. This is exciting, because it feels like we’re finally starting to have enough invested to have visible growth. Of course, that also means that whenever the market finally takes a downturn, so will our net worth…

Looking Ahead


It looks like it might actually be possible to cross the $200,000 net worth threshold later this year. Funny enough, I didn’t make that one of my annual goals because in January that seemed like unattainable crazy talk… and then this year has been very good to us and keeps being so. We’ll see!

How did your quarter stack up?

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