Net Worth Update Q1 2018: $159,730 (+$19,557)

It’s that time again! Welcome to our quarterly net worth update. To see older updates, click here. As a reminder, Mr. Steward and I have wholly joint finances, so this captures our family’s entire financial picture. Without further ado:

Savings (Emergency Fund) 15,637.00
Checking 3,757.00
Mr. Steward Pre-Tax 48,176.00
Mr. Steward Roth IRA 3,016.00
Ms. Steward Pre-Tax 17,959.00
Ms. Steward Roth IRA 4,355.00
Ms. Steward HSA 1,981.00
Ms. Steward “Fun” Fund 124.00
House 140,894.00
Van 11,308.00
Car 4,357.00
Credit Cards (Paid Off Weekly) -16.00
Mortgage -91,818.00
Assets 251,564.00
Liabilities -91,834.00
NET WORTH 159,730.00

Not included are two 529 college savings accounts, as they belong to our girls. Those stand at $4,473 total.

The Big Changes (+19,557)

Medical Expenses

We have a pretty large decrease this month over last month in our health categories. That is thanks to the receipt and subsequent paying of all of the medical bills for Squidge’s birth. I used all of our FSA, plus a big chunk of the HSA I had left over from a job where I had a HDHP. I posted a full summary of those costs here.

Home Value

Zillow listed our home value as going up a lot, very rapidly. Like $15,000 a lot. The housing market in our town is indeed booming, but I was skeptical that the home we bought nary 2.5 years ago was worth about $20,000 more than we paid for it. We just received our property tax assessment, however, and it went up a similar amount. So perhaps our property really has rapidly appreciated? Time (and the housing market) will tell.

“Bonus” Money

We got a whopper of a tax refund this year, thanks to having a second child. We split it between our mortgage principal and putting some extra funds into Bean’s 529 account. We also put some bonuses into our Roth IRAs.

401k Funding

I mentioned last quarter that we increased our 401k contributions to 15%. Since we both got raises at the start of the new year, we increased both of our contributions to 17%. With the company match, that means we are now automatically contributing 20% to our retirement accounts. We also got word that our company will be increasing its 401k match next year, so we hope for exciting news in future days.

Taxable Investing

I’ll write a larger post on this soon, but the past couple of months I’ve started using some of my fun money to create a single-stock taxable dividend portfolio. This is very different for me, since all of our “real” investments are in mutual funds. As time goes on, I’ll need to make decisions about how much I’m willing to hold in this style of investment, but for now it has proven to be a fun hobby!

Another huge quarter for us–I’m a little worried we might get used to this! How did your quarter stack up?

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