How Much It Costs to Have a Baby

Squidge was born just shy of four months ago. Her arrival was fairly non-eventful and typical of American births. We had one “false” visit to the hospital, thanks to contractions timed right but not forceful enough, followed a couple of days later with the real deal. I labored in the hospital six hours until I had progressed to the halfway point, got an epidural, and gave birth twenty minutes later while still only half-numb. (Thanks, scoliosis, for making epidurals take over an hour to place!) Unlike Bean, who had both meconium in the amniotic fluid and the cord around her neck, Squidge had zero problems and, so far, remains an incredibly chill baby.

Only now, several months later, do I believe we have finally received and paid all the medical bills for her delivery. In the interest of helping other fiscally minded folks plan for their tiny humans, I wanted to share the total medical costs of having our baby.

I changed health plans in the middle of my pregnancy thanks to the company buyout. We had a couple of problems with the correct insurance being billed for procedures, but once we supplied the different billing offices with the correct information they processed the changes speedily and usually extended the due date on our bill to boot.

I would consider my health insurance plan a decent, run-of-the-mill American PPO plan. Both the baby and I were on the same plan. We paid what we owed after insurance with an HSA I funded when I was on a HDHP with my former employer. The left-most column is what was originally billed by the health care provider. The middle column is what was covered by insurance, also reflecting their negotiated discounts. The right-most column is the rest that we paid.

Without further ado:

Billed Plan Paid I Paid
Hospital Stay Without Birth 1884 1433 0
Hospital Stay–Ms. Steward 18627 11832 2451
Hospital Stay–Squidge 4606 2571 934
Prenatal Care & OB/GYN 3001 2567 0
Epidural 1415 1273 0
Pediatrician Visit at Hospital 462 0 209
Breast Pump 494 321 0
Pediatrician Visit–One Week 457 207 0
Pediatrician Visit–Two Month 843 554 0
$31,789 $20,758 $3,594

Ultimately, we clocked in at paying a little more than 10% of what was billed. Thank goodness for insurance.

Have you recently had a child? Were your medical costs similar or different?

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