Monthly Review: October 2016

Welcome to our monthly review! Every month or two I review the progress we’ve made on our goals and any frugal hacks I’m trying out. Older updates can be found here. The background on our money journey so far can be found here.

Goal Progress: The Emergency Fund

The end of October left us mighty close to achieving our emergency fund goal of $15,000!

Balance on September 30: 12925.95

Balance on October 31: 13515.05

Change: 589.10

The difference is deceptively low, since I deposited most of our October savings (including a surprise partial-check from the new employer) on November 1. We’re going to have a great party next month, though (hint hint).


  • Ms. Steward got a new job! Woohoo! It’s with the same company that employs Mr. Steward. The job change was much-needed for sanity and upward mobility reasons, but also included a several-thousand dollar pay bump. I also have additional benefits that my previous employer didn’t offer, like a company gym and the ability to carpool with my hubby. Nonetheless, there will be a of financial shuffling in the near future. I’m not in love with my employer’s 401k investment offerings. They also don’t offer an HDHP plan, so goodbye HSA contributions. Nonetheless, I’m positive I can get it all sorted out (and, of course, will tell you all about it).

The Do-Betters

Frugal Experiments

  • I’ve been showering after morning workouts in the company gym three days a week. Hopefully this will mean I’m not only refreshingly un-gross for work, but also that I save a bit on our water bill. I’m still working out some of the logistical kinks. My gym bag is already so huge after I work out that I can’t zip it. That means it can’t support a blow dryer, therefore I have a wet ponytail all day three times a week. I blow-dry my bangs by turning a hand dryer up towards the ceiling.) Anyone have some gym bag hacks for me regarding carrying less, fitting more, or getting my hair to dry fast?

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  1. Leigh

    Dry shampoo! Depending on how sweaty your hair gets post-workout, it could mean you could skip washing your hair and thus don’t need to dry it.

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